Telehealth Mastery Foundation Activity -
Implementation of Telehealth into General Practice 

Telehealth Mastery Foundation Activity – Implementation of Telehealth into General Practice 

Telehealth is here to stay. Be prepared with our Telehealth Mastery Foundation Activity which teaches you everything you need to run a successful and sustainable telehealth business. On completion of the course, you will receive 40 CPD points with RACGP and 6 Education Points with ACRRM.

Our first course kicks off on 19 January 2021. Other courses will be released at various stages throughout 2021. 

Total course time is around 7h 20m which you can complete in one sitting or over a six week period.

Register today to receive our early bird special of $840 + GST (30% Off). Valid till 19 January 2021 then $1,200 + GST thereafter.  

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Your course host, Gillian Alexis shares a teaser of what you can expect going through the course.

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This education is a CPD Accredited Activity under the RACGP CPD Program.

Become familiar with the learning outcomes of the Telehealth Mastery Foundation Course and complete a predisposing questionnaire to test your knowledge. 

Become familiar with Australia’s health digital landscape and what it means for you and your practice now and in future. 

Learn the foundations of Telehealth including types of presentations, technologies and how to fit this in your practice.

In this module, you will learn everything you need to know about insurances and risk mitigation associated with Telehalth as well as revenue generating opportunities.

Gain insight into phone vs video use for Telehealth, the types of technology available, a technology demo, hardware and software requirements and the use cases for Telehealth in aged care, chronic disease management and indigenous health.

Learn the strategies and workflows around introducing telehealth into your practice.

In our marketing module, you will learn the marketing strategies to get practice team buy-in, marketing to your current patients and marketing to new patients. You will develop a telehealth marketing plan during a live workshop.

Telehealth Mastery Foundational Activity
(40 CPD Points / 6 PD Points)

Implementation of Telehealth into General Practice: Generate more patients, income and reclaim your personal time. 
This education is a CPD Accredited Activity under the RACGP CPD Program and ACRRM PDP.

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Telehealth Mastery Foundation Activity Aim

This course aims to provide specific training for GPs on the introduction and implementation of telehealth into your daily practice.

This course provides practical hands on experience, relevant links on the current digital landscape, knowledge on the benefits, risks, revenue models, cultural awareness and how to get your practice team on board in the individual practices.

We also take you through the different types of technologies and demonstrate and practice how to use them. Importantly, we show you how to market for new and current patients using digital media and online bookings.

On completion of the course, you will receive 40 CPD points with RACGP and 6 PDPs with ACRRM (subject to all activities completed, live session attendance and assessments completed). 

Domain 1 

Communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship 

CS1.2.1 Ways in which health can be optimised and maintained are communicated to patients, family members and carers.

Domain 2

Applied professional knowledge and skills

CS2.4.1 Appropriate mode of care delivery to suit the needs of the patient.

Domain 3

Population health and the context of general practice

CS3.2.2 The health needs of individuals are balanced with the health needs of the community through effective utilisation of resources.

Telehealth Mastery Foundation Course – Relevance to General Practice 

Most of the continuing professional development courses available to GPs relate to the clinical aspects of our profession. Yet GPs also need to know how to manage their business through changing times. 

This course is for GPs in both metro and regional areas who are keen to keep abreast of the new trends in running a clinic and find news ways to increase revenue.

This course will suit you if you are a GP who wants to:

  • Create a sustainable telehealth service that builds your business or make better use of an existing telehealth service (many were introduced in a rush when COVID hit)
  • Build your patient base through a hybrid consultation model that incorporates in-clinic care and telehealth sessions
  • Increase revenue from your current patients
  • Attract new patients through modern, convenient services (patients love telehealth)
  • Provide better real-time care to patients with chronic diseases, those living in residential aged care and patients in rural and remote locations
  • Be well positioned to deliver after-hours services (high on the national health reform agenda)
  • Develop a better work-life balance through remote working, a higher throughput of patients and more control over your schedule.  

Learning Outcomes for Telehealth Mastery Foundation Course

  1. Utilise Telehealth technology to provide more efficient access and appropriate systems to patients when referring to Specialists and Allied Health Professionals (Apply)
  2. Explain how to implement an efficient and cost-effective telehealth service within GPs own practice workflow (Understand)
  3. Identify the different financial billing models (Medicare & Private) for Telehealth (Understand)
  4. Outline the initial steps on how to engage your clinic team on implementing a Telehealth program into your General Practice (Understand)
  5. Identify potential clinical risks related to professional indemnity insurance when adopting Telehealth into your clinical practice (Understand)

Curriculum Contextual Units

Learning outcomes 2,3,4 & 5 focus on understanding the content as such it will rely on exploring each individual participant’s understanding by brainstorming, breaking into smaller groups, role plays and reflecting on their individual practices.

Copies of questions will be presented in an online virtual pop up style. They will vary in multiple choice or Yes/No. 

Results will be retained for future refinement of the activity.

Pricing for the Telehealth Mastery Foundational Course

Early Bird Pricing: $840 + GST (30% saving).  Early bird pricing rate expires on 19 January 2021. 

Full rate: $1,200 + GST. Pricing from 5 January 2021.

Course Enrolment Dates

The Telehealth Mastery Foundational Course is a virtual course run across various cohorts throughout 2021.

As it’s a requirement to attend 2 live breakout sessions and to allow us to issue the certificates for your CPD and PDP activities, you will need to enrol into a cohort that suits you. Once you enrol, you have 6 weeks from the date of the cohort commencement day to complete the course.

Cohort Dates:

  • Cohort 1: 19 Jan 2021 to 2 March 2021 (Early Bird Special Applied).
  • Cohort 2: 9 Feb 2021 to 23 March 2021.
  • Cohort 3: 23 Feb to 30 March 2021.

Please note, we will continue to release new cohort dates so please reference our website for more details. 


Early Bird Special $840 + GST (30% Off)

Commences 19 January 2021

Preorder is now open for our cohort beginning 19 January 2021.

Early bird special available – save 30%

$840 + GST

Commences 9 February 2021

Preorder is now open for our cohort beginning 9 February 2021.

Early bird special available – save 30%

$840 + GST

Commences 23 February 2021

Preorder is now open for our cohort beginning 23 February 2021.


 $1200 + GST

Frequently asked questions
about the Telehealth Mastery Foundation Activity

Telehealth Mastery is the leading telehealth education course for Australian GPs, accredited by the RACGP and the ACRRM. It will equip you to leverage the power of telehealth to benefit your patients, your team and your practice.

When you enrol in Telehealth Mastery, you gain access to 6 weeks of online training and a LinkedIn group where you can engage with like-minded peers. You’ll also receive a downloadable workbook to guide your learning and, when you complete the course, you’ll gain 40 CPD points from the RACGP or 6 PDP points with the ACRRM.

COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated the uptake of telehealth in Australia. It has changed the landscape of primary care and it’s here to stay.

As a GP, you need to know how to manage your business through changing times. That means learning how to make the most of telehealth’s opportunities while minimising medico-legal risks. It means integrating your telehealth service into your routine practice management. And it means using your telehealth service to attract and retain patients. 

Telehealth isn’t just convenient for your patients. Done well, it can help you develop a better work-life balance through remote working, a higher throughput of patients and more control over your schedule. 

Telehealth Mastery has two streams. 

The Foundational Course is our largest course designed to teach you everything you need to know to run a successful telehealth service. 

We highly recommend that you start here but we don’t mandate it because your learning is in your hands. 

Alongside the Foundational Course are smaller courses, created to teach you how to use telehealth for certain complex medical conditions. These will help you extend your service offerings and provide even greater value to your patients. 

Absolutely. The Foundational Course is worth 40 CPD points from the RACGP and 6 PDP points with the ACRRM. 

The Complex Medical Conditions mini-courses are each worth 3-5 CPD points from the RACGP and the ACRRM. 

You will need to complete all modules and lessons within the course, the breakout sessions and the quizzes to receive your CPD points. 

The Foundational Course is completed over 6 weeks. To graduate, you’ll need to complete each unit and attend 2 group webinars. 

We recommend you allocate 1 hour per week plus another 2 hours for the breakout sessions or webinars. Of course, if you prefer, you can do larger chunks of work over a shorter period of time.

The Complex Medical Conditions courses involve a shorter time commitment of approximately 3 hours per course

You’ll be learning from:

  • Gillian Alexis, CEO and founder of Phenix Health, an entrepreneur with a blended career of business and health research who has devoted several decades managing and developing virtual healthcare business, winning a few telemedicine awards along the way.

  • Ellie Bakker, CEO and co-founder of Splice Marketing, one of Australia’s fastest-growing and most dynamic health and medical marketing agencies, and Splice Consulting, which provides business advisory services to healthcare professionals keen to grow their practices.

How much does Telehealth Mastery Foundation Course cost? 

The Foundational Course costs $1,200 for 6 weeks’ worth of hands-on training and is worth 40 CPD points. 

For a limited time only, we are offering an early bird special of $840 + GST on the Foundation Course. Available till 19 January 2021. 

How much do the Telehealth Mastery Complex Disease Management courses cost? 

Each Complex Medical Conditions course costs $350 and is worth 3-5 CPD points. 

When is payment due? 

When you enrol in the course, you’ll be taken straight to our payments page so you can finalise your payment before the course starts.  

Will I be charged taxes?

Yes, our course is registered for GST.

Yes, you can access our course from the RACGP course website. Just search for Telehealth and Category 1 and you will see our course appear titled – Implementation of Telehelth into General Practice. 

Alternatively, you can register via this website. 

Gillian Alexis, educator for RACGP explains the benefits of completing the Telehealth Mastery Foundation Activity as an online course.

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