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Telehealth Mastery

Telehealth Mastery is powered by Phenix Health, an accredited education provider from the RACGP. 

Leaning course 1
40 CPD Points

Telehealth Mastery Foundation Course


By the end of the course, you’ll know how to:

Implementation of Telehealth into General Practice.

Engage in a comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know about Telehealth and the implementation of Telehealth into your daily practice. This course provides practical hands on experience, relevant links on the current digital landscape, knowledge on the benefits, risks, revenue models, cultural awareness and how to get your practice team on board in the individual practices.

The course is worth 40 CPD Points with RACGP and 6 Education Points with ACRRM.


Complex Medical Conditions

Engage in short, 2 hour courses, that explain how to treat patients presenting with Complex Medical Conditions through telehealth. Learn from a range of courses across chronic and complex disease management, aged care, and diabetes.


By the end of the short courses, you’ll know how to

Accredited learning for General Practice

All our courses are CPD / PDP accredited with RACGP and ACRRM.
Telehealth Mastery is powered by Phenix Health, an accredited education provider from the RACGP.


Telehealth Mastery Course Overview

Gain unique insights into the telehealth technology landscape and identify the software and hardware that’s best suited to you and your practice to deliver your telehealth services. 

Adopting Telehealth is 90% workflow and 10% technology. Our course guides you through the workflows required for a sustainable, profitable and successful telehealth program.

Expand your practice service offering with telehealth for aged care. We walk you through how you can use telehealth to support aged care facilities.

MBS item numbers, private billing and revenue models are covered in detail within our telehealth course.

Learn how to set up management plans and appointments with multidisciplinary teams through telehealth. 

Participate in an interactive session where we integrate telehealth into your business plan.

Learn the proven strategies to market your telehealth services to new and existing patients. Develop your own marketing plan during a live session with a healthcare marketing specialist. 

Telehealth Mastery