Why The Telehealth Mastery Course Was Created

"We will guide you through what you need to know, and to prosper through this hybrid delivery model."

Gillian Alexis, an educator for RACGP, shares why we created the Telehealth Mastery Foundation Course and what you can expect on completing the course.

Video transcript:

Welcome to the Telehealth Mastery Course.

Many doctors have been thrown into the deep end to start using telehealth by the need to keep their patients safe during COVID-19.

During this presentation, we will guide you in what you need to know to get you through and prosper through this new hybrid delivery method of healthcare consultation to your patients.

12 months ago, we wrote this CPD activity with a face-to-face delivery, and a completely different content and baseline of information to share.

Like you, we had to pivot several times during this pandemic to cater for the new rules, regulations, technologies, and opportunities.

There are opportunities, but we must first understand a few key important points and that is introducing telehealth into your practice, takes up whole of practise collaboration.

Many of you would have seen the statistics that note that up to 97% of GPs have been using telehealth only and clumsy method of prescription writing to your patients.

What I believe is the next steps is that the government will be wanting is to push for greater use of video consults and the management of chronic disease through remote patient monitoring and management. We will cover why this is important during this activity.

This CPD activity is not going to address clinical matters associated with telehealth, we will be leaving that for another session.

As the title suggests, this is about the implementation of telehealth into general practice.

In this CPD Activity, we’ll take you through some of the issues we hear GPs are seeking solutions and answers to.

Adopting telehealth is 90% workflow and 10% technology, and I believe that telehealth is key to continuity of care and quality of care.

Presenter: Gillian Alexis


To register for this online, 40 CPD point (with RACGP) course, visit the course page – Telehealth Mastery Foundation Course.


Ellie Bakker
Director Telehealth Mastery and Splice Marketing

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