Dr Gillian Alexis featured on podcast by The Medical Republic

Podcast interview: MBS changes aim to increase video consultations

Dr Gillian Alexis, RACGP Educator, CEO of Phenix Health and Telehealth Mastery’s Director joined Dr Andrew Baird for a podcast interview by The Medical Republic.

The interview which was aired on 26 May 2021, discusses how the MBS Changes aim to increase video consultations.

The conversation carried a few really important messages including:
  • The need to bring training into 2021 to ensure doctors can address future health needs – there is room for collaboration
  • The advantages of video consulting vs phone consulting – including the ability to identify, protect privacy and assess safely. A phone call is not an appropriate substitute for an in-person consult but a video call can be
  • Some of the knowledge gaps around legality and insurances, marketing and workflow models
  • There is a lot of stress and uncertainty inhibiting doctors’ investment. There must be great clarity on the Health Direct platform and Medicare benefits

Listen to the podcast below or via The Medical Republic here.

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Ellie Bakker
Director Telehealth Mastery and Splice Marketing

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