Splice Marketing & Phenix Health Launches Telehealth Course

Splice Marketing & Phenix Health Launches Telehealth Course

Australian GPs can make telehealth a sustainable part of routine practice thanks to a new course from industry leaders Splice Marketing and Phenix Health

Splice Marketing and Phenix Health have partnered to create a Telehealth Course specifically for Australian GPs.

Many practices had to pivot quickly to telehealth during the early days of COVID-19,’ said Splice Marketing co-founder and CEO, Ellie Bakker.

‘Doctors were learning telehealth on the go during a global health crisis and, on the whole, they did really well. But now they’re asking how do we do this properly? How do we make telehealth a sustainable part of everyday practice? That’s why we created this course,’ commented Gillian Alexis, Phenix Health and RACGP Educator. 

The Splice Marketing-Phenix Health telehealth course is the most sophisticated telehealth course available, teaching GPs the fundamentals of telehealth and explaining how to leverage it as a practice sustainability tool. The course comprises foundational units with additional courses available on telehealth for chronic disease management, aged care, and diabetes.

GPs will learn how to:

1. Use telehealth technology to provide more efficient access and appropriate systems for patients when referring to specialists and allied health professionals

2. Implement an efficient and cost-effective telehealth service within their practice workflow

3. Identify the different financial billing models for telehealth (Medicare and private).

4. Engage their clinic team

5. Identify and manage potential risks relating to telehealth.

Medicare-funded telehealth consultations were first introduced in Australia in 2011 but only for patients living at least 15km from the practice. Uptake was relatively slow, despite financial incentives and technology developments such as improved video conferencing platforms and remote monitoring devices. Then came COVID-19, social distancing measures and expanded funding for telehealth.

‘COVID-19 has been a real catalyst for the widespread uptake of telehealth,’ said Bakker. ‘Patients love it. Most are digital creatures already, used to chatting to their family and friends on Facetime or something similar. Seeing a doctor online makes perfect sense to them and it’s much more convenient than going to a clinic. That’s why telehealth will outlast the pandemic. Any practice that wants to thrive in this new era needs a well-planned telehealth service.’

The telehealth course is available for all Australian GPs from December 2020. Recognised and promoted by the RACGP, completing this course will gain GPs 40 CPD points.

Learn more about the Telehealth Mastery Foundation Course and register for our January cohort here. Early bird special applies till 19 Jan 2021. 


Ellie Bakker
Director Telehealth Mastery and Splice Marketing

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