Permanent telehealth funding is welcome news but GPs need training to succeed

Telehealth Mastery equips GPs to manage often-overlooked aspects of telehealth including risk mitigation, insurance, integrated workflows, billing and marketing.

The duo behind Australia’s most sophisticated telehealth training course for GPs, Telehealth Mastery, has welcomed today’s news of permanent telehealth funding but urged GPs to invest in proper training to establish a strong service that contributes to the health of their practice as well as that of their patients.

‘Telehealth has earned this permanent place in the Australian healthcare system,’ said Ellie Bakker, CEO of Splice Marketing and co-founder of Telehealth Mastery, noting that telehealth makes healthcare more convenient for patients and creates more flexible working patterns for doctors.

But a good telehealth service involves so much more than a virtual consultation. Bakker warns that, ‘There are many potential pitfalls and missed opportunities when practices don’t consider all the aspects.’

Dr Gillian Alexis, CEO of Phenix Health and co-founder of Telehealth Mastery, says now is the time for GPs to create strong foundations for their telehealth service. ‘Setting it up correctly from the start is key to longevity. Done well, telehealth can help GPs attract new patients and increase revenue but only when they’ve properly considered factors like risk mitigation, insurance, integrated workflows, payment and marketing.’

Telehealth Mastery provides GPs with a roadmap for establishing a successful telehealth business that will stand the test of time. It’s a self-paced, online, accredited training course worth 40 CPD points with the RACGP. Course presenters include:

  • Dr Gillian Alexis, Phenix Health
  • Ellie Bakker, Splice Marketing
  • Jeanette Jifkins, Onyx Law
  • Dr Andrew Baird, Ellwood Family Clinic
  • Margaret Faux, Synapse Medical Billing.

Telehealth Mastery equips doctors to leverage the power of telehealth to benefit their patients and their practice. Interested GPs are encouraged to find out more and enrol.