Use telehealth to prevent breast cancer with new short course from Telehealth Mastery

New short activity: Combining genetic and clinical risk models for better, proactive breast health.

Telehealth Mastery, Australia’s most sophisticated telehealth course for GPs, has launched the first of its short courses focused on complex medical conditions.

Worth 5 CPD points from the RACGP, the new course explores an innovative use for telehealth – genetic screening for breast cancer targeting women without a family history of the disease.

Nearly 21,000 Australians will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.[1] That’s about 53 women a day. Over 80% of them will have no family history of the disease.

The new 5-CPD online course equips GPs to provide patients with a personalised breast cancer risk assessment based on the three key risk factors for sporadic (non-familial) breast cancer: polygenic risk score, breast density and family history. Women at increased risk can then be offered preventive care such as more regular screening, risk-reducing medications or referral to a specialist clinic.

‘It’s an online, start anytime course designed to suit a GP’s busy schedule,’ said Telehealth Mastery’s co-founder Dr Gillian Alexis. ‘Telehealth offers a great way to improve care for women at higher risk of breast cancer. Offering that kind of personalised, preventive care helps general practices to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.’

GPs are ideally placed to offer preventive breast cancer care. Indeed, achieving the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission of zero breast cancer deaths by 2030 has to start at the GP level.

This Telehealth Mastery short course is delivered by Dr Erika Spaeth, director of clinical affairs and medical education at Phenogen Sciences, Dr George Muchnicki, acting CEO of Genetic Technologies, and Dr Gillian Alexis, CEO of Phenix Health.

The first 150 general practitioners to register for the course will receive three complimentary breast screening tests to use for your patients. These three kits are valued at $1,050 + GST.

Register here.

[1] Breast Cancer Network Australia, Current breast cancer statistics in Australia.