Ellie Bakker

Permanent telehealth funding is welcome news but GPs need training to succeed

Telehealth Mastery equips GPs to manage often-overlooked aspects of telehealth including risk mitigation, insurance, integrated workflows, billing and marketing. The duo behind Australia’s most sophisticated telehealth training course for GPs, Telehealth Mastery, has welcomed today’s news of permanent telehealth funding but urged GPs to invest in proper training to establish a […]

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Telehealth Mastery featured in newsGP

Telehealth Mastery article in NewsGP

Telehealth Mastery was featured in newsGP today. Full article below. Telehealth advocates say clinics need certainty to invest in video Proponents for digital transformation say remote consults could assist patients and doctors, but only if the right settings are in place. ———— Telehealth advocates are calling for greater funding certainty […]

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Why The Telehealth Mastery Course Was Created

“We will guide you through what you need to know, and to prosper through this hybrid delivery model.” Gillian Alexis, an educator for RACGP, shares why we created the Telehealth Mastery Foundation Course and what you can expect on completing the course. Video transcript: Welcome to the Telehealth Mastery Course. […]

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Telehealth: The New Wave of Modern Medicine

Telehealth is a ‘fundamental building block of primary healthcare reform’. ‘We have skipped a decade and jumped from 2030 to 2020 for the delivery of telehealth for all Australians,’ said Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt on 27 November when he announced that ‘universal, whole-of-population telehealth…will now be permanent.’ Welcoming the […]

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Splice Marketing & Phenix Health Launches Telehealth Course


Australian GPs can make telehealth a sustainable part of routine practice thanks to a new course from industry leaders Splice Marketing and Phenix Health Splice Marketing and Phenix Health have partnered to create a Telehealth Course specifically for Australian GPs. Many practices had to pivot quickly to telehealth during the […]

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