World-class Education and Training
in Telehealth Services

Splice Marketing and Phenix Health have partnered to create a telehealth educational program specifically for Australian GPs.

With a shared passion for virtual healthcare innovations and advancing Australia’s digital health landscape, Phenix Health and Splice Marketing have combined forces to create Telehealth Mastery.

Telehealth Mastery is powered by Phenix Health, an accredited education provider from the RACGP. We are focused on providing online, self-paced continual professional development (CPD) to general practitioners in Australia.

Our programs allow your GPs to master the foundations of telehealth then advance into areas of complex disease management.

Phenix Health

Gillian Alexis is the CEO and Founder of Phenix Health.

Phenix Health is an accredited education provider for general practitioners in Australia.

Phenix Health is also at the forefront of virtual care making it possible for general practices to expand their service offerings and support for patients through telehealth services, virtual pathology, virtual medical records and virtual specialty clinics.

Phenix Health has over 15 years of experiencing in educating healthcare professionals and is a registered educator on behalf of RACGP and ACRRM.

Phenix Health is the education provider behind Telehealth Mastery.

Dr Gillian Alexis

Dr Gillian Alexis

CEO, Phenix Health
Director, Telehealth Mastery

Ellie Bakker

Ellie Bakker

Director, Splice Marketing
Director, Telehealth Mastery

Splice Marketing

Ellie Bakker is the Founder and Growth Marketing Director of Splice Marketing.

Splice Marketing is a specialist health and medical marketing agency, working with medical organisations across Australia to navigate the highly regulated landscape, build a strong digital presence and grow their organisations through marketing tactics, education and business / marketing advisory.

Ellie, like Gillian, is on a mission to help GPs understand the ins and outs of telehealth to deliver a high-quality patient experience, reach and connect with more patients and leverage telehealth as a practice sustainability tool.

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