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Telehealth Mastery

Master everything you need to know to run a successful telehealth business and use telehealth as a practice sustainability tool.

Telehealth Mastery offers leading education and training in telehealth services for Australian general practitioners. 

Activities are accredited with RACGP and ACRRM under their CPD programs. Phenix Health is one of the company’s behind Telehealth Mastery. Phenix Health is a RACGP CPD Education Provider.

Telehealth Mastery

Accredited learning for general practice

Earn industry-recognised CPD points through our online activities.
Activities are a CPD accredited activity under the RACGP CPD Program and the ACRRM Educational Activity.

Phenix Health is one of the company’s behind Telehealth Mastery. Phenix Health is a RACGP CPD Education Provider.


Master the foundations of telehealth then advanced into areas of complex disease management.

Telehealth Mastery is the most sophisticated, accredited telehealth activity available.
Our activities are delivered online so you can join from anywhere at any time.
Stream our videos, interact with polls and download resources for your practice.

Achieve practice goals with Telehealth Mastery

Virtual care

Virtual care

Change management from in-person
to virtual care

Improve practice

Improve practice

Improve practice

Telehealth Integration

Telehealth integration

Integrate telehealth
into your practice

New opportunities

New opportunities

Open up new practice
growth opportunities

Ensure sustainability

Ensure sustainability

Ensure practice

Telehealth strategies

Telehealth strategies

Learn the strategies for
telehealth risk management

Applied learning

Master your telehealth skills with in-depth online learning.

Enjoy self-paced online learning, quizzes to test your knowledge and live breakout sessions to put your learnings into practice. 

On completion of our activities, you will receive a CPD certificate and be awarded 4 to 40 CPD points for RACGP and 6 PDP points with ACRRM. 

Ready to master telehealth?

Telehealth is here to stay. So you need to learn how to master it and make it work for you. 

That’s why we’ve transitioned the popular course delivered by Gillian Alexis from in-person to online. Now you can learn anytime and anywhere.

We are also adding new activities to our Complex Medical Conditions program regularly so you can expand your practice’s service offerings. 

Who's powering Telehealth Mastery?

Telehealth Mastery is brought to you by two companies
with a big vision for healthcare in Australia.
It’s a partnership between Phenix Health and Splice Marketing.

Phenix Health
Splice Marketing


Phenix Health is a CPD education provider under the
RACGP CPD Program.

Accredited Courses for General Practice

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